DIY Wool Felting Basket Stuffer…

Wool Felting Basket Stuffer Tutorial

Some photographers either starting out or those that just wish to save some money on props can try this tutorial out with me! ( click on the link above to watch the tutorial video that I will be using!)  I will be shopping tomorrow and posting my finished product in the next few days…I am EXCITED!! LET’S DO THIS!


Nest of Curls Blanket Curly Felted Blanket Layer Newborn Photography Props Wool Stuffer Curly Felt


Baby Cora has her Daddy’s Heart

Ok people I get it!  I completely suck {for lack of a better word} at bloggin’!  I promise to do better and keep you all in the loop from here on out…  Ok .. so I  had the pleasure to shoot this sweet little bundle of joy a couple of weeks ago, ain’t she just the prettiest thang y’all! I will get more stuff up for y’all to see very soon..Lot’s of changes coming for us in 2017. LookOut! #BabygirlandherHero #ilovethepeacockFeathers

Fringe Blanket Prop

Megapixel Memories Photography

These are really so very easy to make if you know basic crochet stitches. The biggest factor is having an array of textured yarns. I started by chaining several crochet stitches. All the rows I added afterward were double crochet stitches. After I ended up with a rectangle the size I wanted I cut various lengths of yarn. I grouped sections of the strands and tied them in the loops that are formed by the stitches. I made sure to tie all knots on the back side. Here is the finished product:

Fringe blanket Prop

having a fringe blanket is a cheap and easy way to add a new look to old props. I took a picture of it with my newly updated crate, but you could use these for baskets and much more. The possibilities of style are endless.

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Essential Props for Every Newborn Photographer

Custom Photo Props LLC




  • Faux FurAll colors and All sizes. Seriously, Faux Fur doesn’t just add texture and depth to your photos, it comforts the babies and often helps them to fall asleep for a more peaceful photo-shoot for everybody involved. Here at Custom Photo Props, we have all of our fur made in custom colors so you should probably just go ahead and get some of everything (you never know when we might to decide to change things up and get new colors or textures!).


  • Hats – Hats for babies are always a good idea- photo-shoot or not. For photos though, they can add to the “wow” factor everybody is looking for. A cute, unique hat can easily make your photos stand out amongst the (social media) crowd. They’re also a good accessory for when parents want to see their kids little naked…

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My Favourite Time to Photograph Your Baby

Angela Brianne Photography -Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family Photographer, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Babies are my absolute favourite to photograph. I love being able to capture them being themselves. The wonder in their eyes, the giggle and the rolls are the best. So I thought I would share my favourite times to photograph your baby.


They are little for such a small amount of time! There is such a small time period that they stay so teeny tiny. So I say “capture it when you can!” Newborn sessions are best when babies are 5-10 days old. They are still sleepy, dreamy and great models 🙂 It is also a great time to get your first family photo with your new baby. I suggest booking your session ahead of time to guarantee that you get a session.

newborn photography angela brianne photography

3 Months

I love photographing babies around the three month age because they are in wonder of their surroundings. A great time to book a session…

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Every photographer has to start somewhere!!!!


This is my photography candy!! I know, it’s not much but it’s mine and I love it. I have made a good bit of it and found awesome furs and rugs from my local fabric warehouse store and Ross/ TJ Max, And at awesome prices I might add!! I  look at everything I see now totally different  when I shop and scavenge in consignment stores or goodwill. I say…”could I  use that as a prop” or “ooh I could use that for ______!!!”  I am trying to think a of where to store this stuff in my house so as it’s organized and easy to get to. I do not at this point in time have a spare room for it all and I do photography on location or set up in this very room next to that awesome light coming in  from our french doors. I of course clear the furniture out first!  My 3 year old is sharing her room/closet with mommy  so I need to visit IKEA ASAP huh!?!
  Have a blessed day photography lovers!

DIY banner prop | Ventura County Photographer

Jeni LB Photography

I love browsing through Pinterest and finding new ways to make my own props for photo sessions. It’s super fun getting all crafty.

My latest crafty creation is a paper banner I made for all of about 5 bucks. You might even have all these things at home already.

What you need:
▪A ruler
▪A pencil
▪Sheets of scrapbooking paper or construction paper
▪A hole puncher
▪And twine
▪a Manila folder or something similar

(Sorry for the following cell phone pics. My camera was charging when I did this little project)


Step one: make a template for easier measuring. I used a Manila folder and cut out the shape and size I wanted.


Step two: use that template to draw that shape onto your scrapbooking paper and then cut them out. During this step you can also punch holes in them after cutting where you want then to hang from.

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