My Favourite Time to Photograph Your Baby

Angela Brianne Photography -Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family Photographer, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Babies are my absolute favourite to photograph. I love being able to capture them being themselves. The wonder in their eyes, the giggle and the rolls are the best. So I thought I would share my favourite times to photograph your baby.


They are little for such a small amount of time! There is such a small time period that they stay so teeny tiny. So I say “capture it when you can!” Newborn sessions are best when babies are 5-10 days old. They are still sleepy, dreamy and great models 🙂 It is also a great time to get your first family photo with your new baby. I suggest booking your session ahead of time to guarantee that you get a session.

newborn photography angela brianne photography

3 Months

I love photographing babies around the three month age because they are in wonder of their surroundings. A great time to book a session…

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