Every photographer has to start somewhere!!!!


This is my photography candy!! I know, it’s not much but it’s mine and I love it. I have made a good bit of it and found awesome furs and rugs from my local fabric warehouse store and Ross/ TJ Max, And at awesome prices I might add!! I  look at everything I see now totally different  when I shop and scavenge in consignment stores or goodwill. I say…”could I  use that as a prop” or “ooh I could use that for ______!!!”  I am trying to think a of where to store this stuff in my house so as it’s organized and easy to get to. I do not at this point in time have a spare room for it all and I do photography on location or set up in this very room next to that awesome light coming in  from our french doors. I of course clear the furniture out first!  My 3 year old is sharing her room/closet with mommy  so I need to visit IKEA ASAP huh!?!
  Have a blessed day photography lovers!

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